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Crossing the threshold:
investigating levels, domains and frameworks in language assessment

The 32nd Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) will take place from 14 to 16 April 2010 at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Pre-Conference Workshops on 12 & 13 April 2010.



Crossing the threshold: investigating levels, domains and frameworks in language assessment

Our main theme reflects contemporary research interests and concerns within the language testing and assessment community (at both national and international level) focusing on proficiency levels, language domains, and the role of interpretative frameworks of reference for language learning, teaching and assessment (cf CEFR, CLB). It relates directly to questions such as:

*	why and how do we define and describe a proficiency level? 
*	what are the key criteria that distinguish one proficiency level from another? 
*	how is the testing of language for special purposes evolving? 
*	how do we identify and describe emerging domains for assessment? 
*	how do we decide when someone is (or is not) at a level ? (i.e. what sort of evidence do we need and how do we gather it?) 
*	how can proficiency levels be related to one another within a framework? 

The main theme also allows for coverage of a number of additional sub-themes which have contemporary relevance, including:

*	The teaching and assessment of young language learners 
*	Issues of language education planning and policy 
*	The interface of multilingualism and assessment 
*	The testing of less commonly taught languages 
*	Issues of assessment literacy in education and society 

At least one of the pre-conference workshops will focus on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages in relation to assessment issues.

Call for Papers

First formal call for proposals: April 2009

Deadline for receipt of proposals: 30 September 2009

Download the Call for Proposals (PDF) <> 
Download the LTRC 2010 Conference Poster (PDF) <> 


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