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Anybody interested in helping develop a curriculum for K-3 literacy in Yiddish? The students are native speakers of northeast U.S. Yiddish, identified by their schools as struggling to learn to read in English, Believe it or not, they've gotten approval to spend some of their public remedial reading funding on first-language reading instruction. The company that contractually provides their learning support services (Catapult Learning) is looking for a consultant or two who are (1) literate and fluent in the New Jersey flavor of Yiddish, and (2) have some experience and training in language teaching, literacy development, etc, to help develop a plan and identify/create appropriate materials.  

If you're interested, please reply to mcgrew at and I'll connect you.


Sean McGrew

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Via AAAL... 

We have two tenure track positions opening up here in Gunma-ken in Japan. 

For more details about the positions, please visit these websites: 

(which requires a native speaker or native-like abilities in Japanese): 

JOB B (requires interest in Japan and some Japanese ability is preferred): 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you. 


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