CARLA Summer Institute for Language Teachers 7/26-30/2010: Teaching/Learning Pragmatics

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Language and Culture in Sync: Teaching the Pragmatics of a Second Language
July 26-30, 2010, CARLA Summer Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

A truly daunting challenge for second language learners is to adjust their language use so that it is appropriate for different sociocultural contexts. How, for example, are learners supposed to address strangers, close friends, or people of higher social status in that culture? While acquiring discourse practices can take learners many years, research has shown that the process can be facilitated through explicit instruction. 


This institute provides practical insights for teachers on how to enhance the learning of pragmatics. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to develop activities and materials for the classroom.

Testimonials from past participants:
Becoming aware and excited about new aspects of teaching are an important part of our continual development as instructors. The professional quality of the workshop, the ideas and experiences of other participants will definitely result in benefits for my students.

I like being on the “cutting edge” of the new book by Noriko and Andrew. I like know about their research and I especially like the warm invitation and access they offered throughout the week... I especially like how much lateral learning exists. The instructors are always good but the room is filled with expertise and it’s wonderful to share and learn from each other and to have that valued.

Noriko Ishihara, PhD, Hosei University, Japan
Andrew D. Cohen, PhD, University of Minnesota (guest speaker)

Readings include:

Ishihara, N., & Cohen, A. D. (2010). Teaching and learning pragmatics: Where language and culture meet. Pearson Education 

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