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President - Center for Applied Linguistics

Position Available: Summer/Fall 2010

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) seeks applications and nominations for the position of CAL President. The President provides intellectual leadership and overall direction in organizational operations, management, and development. After 15 years of overseeing substantial growth, diversification, and financial stability, CAL's current President will leave this position in 2010.

CAL is an internationally recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture. Presently, CAL houses major federally funded projects on English language learning, foreign languages, refugee services, language assessment, and literacy education. Research and application efforts focus on diverse areas of language education, assessment, and training. CAL has an annual operating budget of approximately $17 million, with a staff of 105.

During its 50-year history, CAL has focused its efforts largely on language education and on issues of equity and access for language minority populations. In recent years, CAL has broadened its focus in response to private sector needs in the areas of workplace literacy and linguistic diversity in the workplace.

Internally, the major role of the President is to work with the Board of Trustees and staff members to manage the challenges and opportunities of public and private sector endeavors. Externally, the President is expected to exercise creativity in developing themes of research and application, nurturing present and future funding sources, and developing new markets for CAL research, services, and products.

We seek candidates with the vision and talent to lead our mission-oriented organization in addressing program goals and developing new opportunities for diversification in our activities. Preferred qualifications for this position include a doctoral-level degree in applied linguistics or an allied discipline relevant to CAL's mission, a strong record of publication, experience managing a nonprofit organization, and success in obtaining federal and other funding. In-depth knowledge of the fields of language education and applied linguistics is vital, as are qualities of leadership in working with professional staff and experts in the field.



Ideal Experience

The ideal candidate will have a doctoral degree in applied linguistics or an allied discipline and a proven track record of success in directing a complex and multi-faceted nonprofit organization. In addition, the successful candidate will have experience in many of the following areas:

*	Providing strategic and operational leadership for an organization similar to CAL in scale and complexity

*	Aligning institutional goals and values with operational practices and financial realities

*	Serving as an advocate and spokesperson in the public and private sectors

*	Building successful relationships with staff, leaders in the field, and funders

*	Communicating effectively with a wide range of stakeholders

*	Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly effective, diverse, and mission-driven individuals

*	Leading a diverse and entrepreneurial community in which creativity and divergent points of view are valued and encouraged 

*	Working closely with a governing board

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Critical Competencies for Success

Leading With Vision and Inspiration
In an organization with a solid foundation and strong sense of where it is going, the President will lead and inspire CAL to build upon past successes while working toward an ambitious future by

*	Advancing a compelling, intellectually exciting, financially viable agenda based on a deep understanding of CAL's distinctive mission, culture, and values

*	Championing and communicating CAL's mission and aspirations in ways that inspire enthusiasm and pride

*	Balancing an inclusive and collaborative style with the ability to initiate, communicate, and execute decisions

*	Demonstrating the type of leadership and integrity that foster organizational confidence and commitment

*	Fostering a sense of place and purpose for all CAL staff

*	Serving as a role model for academic distinction and rigor

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In an organization that values participation, collaboration, personal interaction, diversity, and pride in its accomplishments, the President will expand upon a culture marked by collegiality and respect by

*	Engaging fully and visibly in the life and work of CAL

*	Engendering trust and inspiring various constituencies by empowering and building consensus among them

*	Promoting a collegial environment that values and promotes ethnic, cultural, gender, and religious diversity through inclusion

*	Developing a deep understanding of the experience of all constituencies, seeking input broadly, listening attentively, and communicating consistently

*	Responding to problems with creativity and accountability

*	Showing enthusiastic support for the full range of activities in which staff are involved

Developing Resources and CAL's Institutional Profile
In an increasingly competitive local and global market, the President will exert a purposeful and defining leadership presence that supports the advancement of CAL's capabilities, assets, and reputation by

*	Cultivating relationships with influencers in the field

*	Actively seeking opportunities to represent and market CAL and its mission to local and national audiences

*	Working diligently to develop fundraising momentum and to connect donors to CAL

*	Balancing CAL's traditions with the need for innovation

*	Communicating a consistent message about CAL and its aspirations and achievements

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*	A doctorate in applied linguistics or an allied discipline

*	In-depth knowledge of and professional visibility in the fields of linguistics and language education

*	Demonstrated leadership skills, with the ability to make high-level decisions and provide strategic direction for the organization

*	Entrepreneurial and creative capacities that serve mission-setting and finance-generating goals

*	Leadership and interpersonal qualities that generate collegiality within CAL

*	Representational skills, including the ability to represent CAL's mission to funding contacts in government, foundations, and the corporate sector

*	Administrative skills, including the ability to manage budgets and staff and to work with a governing board

*	Nonprofit management experience

*	Knowledge of national and international events, national political processes and policies, and their implications for CAL and for the language field

*	Excellent written and oral communication skills

Submit nominations and applications


Chair, Search Committee for President
Center for Applied Linguistics
4646 40th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20016-1859


presidentsearch at <mailto:presidentsearch at's Search> 

Applications must be received by March 15, 2010 and include a letter of application; curriculum vitae; and the name, address, telephone number, and email address of three recent professional references. 


CAL offers a comfortable work environment with competitive compensation and an excellent benefits package. We are conveniently located two blocks from the Tenleytown/AU Metro Station on the Red Line. 

The Center for Applied Linguistics is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, handicap, or any other reason not related to employment. 

In accordance with INS regulations, all successful applicants will be required to show proof of their legal right to accept employment in the United States.

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