Singapore: Chinese in schools to undergo changes

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Chinese in schools to undergo changes

By Amelia Tan

CHINESE language teaching and examinations here are about to undergo a
sea change as Singapore educators grapple with the broad band of
Chinese students who speak mainly English at home. Education Minister
Ng Eng Hen did not give a date for when changes will start, but gave
assurances that students will be given time to adapt. He offered a
glimpse yesterday of what is to come: a more systematic look at a
student's language abilities from Primary 1, with teaching modes that
will vary right through secondary school. While students and parents
are no strangers to language curriculum changes in recent years, what
will be novel to them is a change in the way proficiency in the
Chinese language is tested.

The committee to review the language is looking at models from China,
the United States and Switzerland, which have tests and programmes
that are less focused on writing, and more targeted to help students
use the language. 

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