Special issue of eVox in honor of Ron Scollon

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Fri Mar 12 12:38:35 UTC 2010

Jackie Lou and Inge Stockburger would like to announce the publication of a
special issue of *eVox: Georgetown Working Papers in Language, Discourse,
and Society *dedicated to Ron Scollon. This issue is a collection of essays
written by Ron's former students at Georgetown (and beyond), reflecting on
the influence of his scholarly work (often with his wife Suzie) and of Ron
as a teacher, mentor, and friend.

We've also added Ron's own voice to this collection. We are grateful to
Suzie for allowing us to include the last lecture that Ron prepared for a
conference at Aalborg University in Denmark. In this lecture, Ron returned
to his earlier interest in the ethnopoetics of Athabaskan narratives and
incorporated it into a comparative approach which challenges the
Aristotelian lens of narrative social analysis by considering four types of
non-Aristotelian narratives (Athabaskan, Chinese, Javanese and Arabic).

If you're familiar with Ron's work, reading this issue is a wonderful way to
remember and celebrate his life and career. If you're new to Ron's work, we
hope these essays will inspire you to learn more about his research and
approaches to analyzing language, discourse, and social interaction.

You can read the entire issue here:

Inge & Jackie

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