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Theme: "Applied Linguistics: Global and Local"

9 - 11 September 2010

University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland


BAAL 2010 will be held at the University of Aberdeen. The conference will be organised by the School of Language and Literature and the Centre for Linguistic Research.


The University campus is located close to the city centre in the historic Village of Old Aberdeen and within easy reach of railway and bus stations. Aberdeen airport is served by regular flights with low-cost airlines from cities across the British Isles and Europe.


Aberdeen, Scotland's third city, is known by many names: the granite city, the oil capital of Europe, and the silver city by the golden sands, all of these encapsulating various aspects of the city. Aberdeen has two universities, a 5 star Maritime Museum, a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms, and a wide range of cultural, entertainment, and shopping attractions. The Aberdeen-Grampian area boasts dozens of castles,

coastal roads, golf courses and plenty of cultural attractions. We are confident that it will provide an inspiring conference experience too.



Bonny Norton (University of British Columbia)

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas (University of Roskilde)

Wilson McLeod (University of Edinburgh)

Alastair Pennycook (University of Technology, Sydney)



Robert McColl Millar (r.millar at

School of Language and Literature

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 273909

Fax: +44 (0) 1224 272624



Abstracts are welcome in any area of Applied Linguistics that fits within the theme of the conference:

"Applied Linguistics: Global and Local".



Please go to the BAAL conferences webpage to submit your abstract and follow the steps below (this works best in Internet Explorer 5.5 or better):


1. Click on 'submit an abstract to BAAL2010 here' and register with the system. Make sure to save your details in case you want to amend your submission later. You will be sent an e-mail about successful registration and submission guidelines, the latter of which you are free to ignore if you are familiar with online abstract



2. Go back to the abstract submission page, log in to the submission system and start the submission process (you will have to answer a maximum of ten questions). An e-mail confirmation of receipt of abstract will be sent to you immediately. Your contact details will be included in the book of abstracts unless you opt out during the submission process.


If you are unable to submit your abstract online, contact Erik Schleef at erik.schleef at



* Title in Times New Roman 12 (do not use all caps, no bold print)

* Text 300 words maximum (including references, if any)

* Times New Roman 12

* Align text left, single-spaced

* Do not use any special fonts, such as bold print or caps (italics fine)

* Do NOT add tables, photos, or diagrams to your abstract

* Do NOT indent your paragraphs, leave one space between paragraphs instead



Indicate the type of abstract that you are submitting during the submission process: individual presentation for parallel sessions or a SIG track, poster, or colloquium.


* Individual presentation for the parallel sessions. Individual papers have 25 minutes: 20 for the presentation, 5 for questions.


* Individual presentation for a Special Interest Group (SIG) track. If you believe your paper is of interest to a SIG track, you may want to submit it to one of the SIG tracks (all individuals, whether or not officially SIG members, are eligible). The SIG may then wish to include your paper in a track at the annual meeting.


Submitting your abstract to a SIG track may or may not lead to your paper being included in a SIG track and has no impact on abstract acceptance to the conference. BAAL has ten Special Interest Groups. They are (1) UK Linguistic Ethnography Forum, (2) Corpus Linguistics, (3) Psycholinguistics, (4) Multimodality, (5) Language

Learning and Teaching, (6) Language in Africa, (7) Gender and Language, (8) Vocabulary Studies, (9) Testing, Evaluation and Assessment, and (10) Intercultural Communication.


* Poster. We strongly encourage the submission of abstracts for posters. We aim to raise the profile of posters at our conference since we value them as equal to other forms of presentation, and we believe that they tend to receive more feedback than individual papers. All posters will be listed in the book of abstracts, and there

will be a dedicated area and time slot for discussion of poster presentations. There will also be a prize for best poster displayed at the conference. The winner will receive £50 and a book.


* Proposed colloquium paper. Colloquium introduction and individual papers within the colloquium must be submitted separately, due to technical constraints. The organiser of the colloquium should first submit colloquium title and introduction along with an overview of paper titles in the colloquium (max 450 words).


The paper abstracts of the colloquium should then be submitted by the organiser one by one, entitled "Paper X of colloquium title: paper title" followed by the abstract (max 300 words per abstract). Colloquia have half a day and a minimum of four papers. Colloquia proposers should plan their half day in four slots, in step with the individual paper slots. If they wish to have a larger number of papers, they may fit two papers into what would normally be a single slot. Colloquia papers should cohere. The order of the papers should not be changed after acceptance.



During the abstract submission process, you will be asked to indicate whether you want to apply for a scholarship. If so, choose the scholarship you want to apply for and write a short paragraph (max. 200 words)  explaining why you are applying for one of the scholarships. BAAL offers ten UK student scholarships to postgraduate students based in the UK. The scholarships cover the registration fee. BAAL also offers two International Scholarships, one of which is the Chris Brumfit International Scholarship. These are worth £1,000, which goes towards registration, accommodation, meals

and travel.



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