call for papers--Working Papers in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (WPLCLE)

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The Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education at Indiana University solicits submissions for publication in the Working Papers in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (WPLCLE). Graduate students, post-docs and faculty are strongly encouraged to submit their papers. We especially welcome submissions dealing with the following areas of research:
First and second language acquisition * Macro and micro sociolinguistics in education * Linguistic anthropology in education * Language policy and planning from local and global perspectives * Language revitalization and documentation * Pragmatics in language teaching and learning * Literacy, bi-literacy and multi-literacy * Hybrid literacies * Bilingual education * Multilingual and multicultural education * Classroom research on language and literacy * Discourse analysis * Technology and language teaching and learning * Language and gender * Language teaching professional development * Quantitative and qualitative research on language and literacy education * Language related to curriculum design * Assessment and evaluation * English as a foreign and second language * Multimodal literacy * The New Literacy Studies * Home and workplace literacy * Indigenous literacies of the Americas * Sociocultural approaches to language and literacy education * Second language instruction and second language teacher education * Literacy as social practice * Critical literacy * Early literacy * Practitioner inquiry/teacher research * Children's literacy * African American literacies * Latino/Hispanic Literacies * Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural literacy practices * Heritage language and culture maintenance and loss * Local and global (transnational) literacies
Book reviews in these areas are also welcome. They should not exceed 2,500 words including the bibliography.
All papers should be submitted to wplcle at<mailto:wplcle at>
§  Submissions to WPLCLE must be in PDF or Microsoft Word document file format.
§  All submissions should be full length unpublished articles, which will be reviewed by members of the Editorial Board, whose decisions are based upon the relevance, clarity, and value of the articles.
§  All submissions must be in APA format (American Psychological Association, 5th Edition) and should not exceed 8,000 words in total length.
§  Please include all related components: charts, graphs, endnotes, footnotes, references, appendices, or other necessary information.
§  Include an abstract between 100 and 150 words.
§  Include a cover page with the following information: Article title, name and contact information, and a biosketch of 60 words.
§   Any WPLCLE article published elsewhere at a later time should include a reference to WPLCLE. The individual authors hold copyright privileges.
§   WPLCLE is not responsible for returning articles that have been sent to our office.
§  Please follow Indiana University's ethical guidelines for research or those set forth by your individual academic institution.
Questions concerning submission can be directed to the Editorial Manager, Yi-Ching Lee at wplcle at<mailto:wplcle at>.
The deadline for submission for the 2011 issue is March 30th, 2011. For more information about WPLCLE, please visit the following link:

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