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Description of the LiMA project at the University of Hamburg:

The Research Cluster LiMA - Linguistic Diversity Management in Urban Areas,
aims to bring together existing top-level expertise in multilingualism at
the University of Hamburg and to combine and focus this expertise on the
investigation of migration-induced multilingualism as found in urban areas
worldwide. The focus lies on linguistic constellations ­ individual and
social ­ in which three or more languages interact. The research program
explores the risks and benefits of migration-induced multilingualism. The
main goal of the Cluster is to shed light on the question under what
conditions and in what ways migration-induced multilingualism can be
translated into advantages for individuals and society and into benefits for
the cultural and economic development of urban areas, thus helping to
increase integration, inclusion, participation and social sustainability.
The Hamburg Metropolitan Region serves as a starting point as well as a
model for an international comparison of urban areas.
Research will be conducted in interdisciplinary teams using an international
comparative perspective. The research program comprises a Panel Study
spanning several disciplines as well as three interdisciplinary networks
(iNets). LiMA Panel Study: A ŒLanguage Development Panel Study¹; iNet1:
Multilingual language development in educational settings; iNet2:
Multilingual urban spaces; iNet3: Language contact, variation, and
The Cluster implements extensive and interdisciplinary Graduate Training and
establishes International Graduate Programs together with the University of
Calgary. A PhD program is being developed; a new Masters Program in
Multilingual Educational Linguistics starts in spring 2011.

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Contact Information:
Anja Giebelhausen
Administration Office
Telefone: +49-40-413307-273
Fax: +49-40-413307-272
E-Mail: anja.giebelhausen(at)
Mittelweg 177
20148 Hamburg

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