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Dear members of Edling, 

I am Marzieh Nezakat, a PhD student of Applied Linguistics from the University of Isfahan. I am a new member here. A friend of mine introduced me to this list and suggested I could gain great information on different opportunities in the field and also ask for queries. 

Right now I am working on my PhD dissertation which is on sentence processing. To obtain optimal results I need to have native speaker data as the norm, so I am in great need of native speakers willing to take part in my test. Below is a complete description of the tests to be done for anyone kind enough to help me with this. 

There is an offline test in Word format, and two online tests which are run through a piece of software named DMDX which is designed by Kenneth I. Forster and Jonathan C. Forster at the University of Arizona. It is used in psycholinguistics studies and mostly performed to record reaction times. The volunteers need to have a PC or a laptop computer equipped with windows as it won't work on Mac computers. All they have to do is download the files I share with them through my Dropbox, be connected to the Internet and do the test according to the instructions provided in the test. It will test how fast a participant reads a group of sentences and reacts on their grammaticality. The test (all three parts) will take around an hour. 

I would need a number of 10 English native speakers, aged between 18 to 35, educated (being a college student or having a college degree), and preferably non-linguists.

I would really appreciate anyone willing to be a volunteer in my study. It definitely means a lot to me as my whole project depends on this. Thanks again.

Kind regards,

P.S. Please contact me through my e-mail address below if you need any further information or if willing to take part in my study. 
Marzieh Nezakat-Alhossaini

PhD student of Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Foreign Languages
English Department
University of Isfahan
Email: nezakat_m at
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