'Call for Participation' - Symposium HLT4LL: Human Language Technologies for Language Learning

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Dear Madam, Sir,

Could you please include the 'Call for Participation' for the Symposium 
HLT4LL in the ext Edling Digest?
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Call for Participation
Symposium "Human Language Technology for Language Learning" (HLT4LL)
Stellenbosch (South Africa), Kortrijk (Belgium), and Nijmegen (The 
11-12 November 2013

On 11 November one can only participate in Stellenbosch.
On 12 November one can also participate in Nijmegen and Kortrijk by 
means of videoconferencing.

Registration and participation are free of charge.
However, only a limited number of attendees can be accommodated, so 
please register as soon as possible.
If you want to register please fill in the form at http://goo.gl/MZr0su

We are greatly honoured to announce that an excellent panel of 
internationally renowned keynote speakers will be giving talks on the 
following subjects:
Monday 11 November (Intended for a broad audience):
* Nick C. Ellis (University of Michigan): 8 Principles that make for 
good Second Language Acquisition
* Piet Desmet (University of Leuven): NLP-enhanced CALL: challenges and 
* Helmer Strik (Radboud University Nijmegen): ASR-enabled CALL: 
state-of-the-art and future
Tuesday 12 November (workshop for researchers):
* Mathias Schulze (University of Waterloo): Human Language Technology 
and Tutorial CALL-The Odd Couple?
* John Nerbonne (University of Groningen): A CALL program for 
Runyakitara morphology
* Maxine Eskenazi (Carnegie Mellon University): Spoken dialog systems 
and crowdsourcing
* Isabel Trancoso (INESC-ID Lisbon): HLT4LL in Portuguese

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