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Title: English as a Global Language in China

Author: Lin Pan
ISBN: 978-3-319-10391-4
Hardback Price: $139.00
*Softcover Price: $24.99
URL: http://www.springer.com/education+%26+language/book/978-3-319-10391-4

About the book:
•         *Offers insights on China’s English language education policies
•         *A critical perspective of ELT in China
•         *An economic and cultural perspective on globalization and the global spread of English
This book offers insight into the spread and impact of English language education in China within China’s broader educational, social, economic and political changes. The author's critical perspective informs readers on the connections between language education and political ideologies in the context of globalizing China. The discussion of the implications concerning language education is of interest for current and future language policy makers, language educators and learners.
Including both diachronic and synchronic accounts or China’s language education policy, this volume highlights how China as a modern nation-state has been seeking a more central position globally, and the role that English education and the promotion of such education played in that effort in recent decades.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Language Education in China: the Cult of English.- English as a Global Language in China.- English Language Ideologies in a Globalizing World.- Methods.- Document Analysis.- Group Discussions.- Interviews.- Questionnaires.- The Structure of the Book.- Chapter 2: Globalization: an Economic and Cultural Perspective.- Introduction.- Approaches to Globalization Studies.- Wallerstein’s World-Systems Analysis.- What are World-Systems?.- The Scales of Power Hierarchy in the World Capitalist Economy.- The State’s Operation in the Interstate System.- The Significance of World-Systems Theory.- The Cultural Dimension of Globalization.- Homogenization or Heterogenization.- The Scales of Cultural Globalization.- Discussion: Language Education in the Context of Globalization.- Chapter 3: Ideologies in English Language Education: A Synchronic and Diachronic Approach.- Introduction.- Ideologies and Language Ideologies.- Ideology.- Language Ideology.- Ideologies of “English as a Global Language”.- The Ascent of English.- Different Types of Ideologies of 'Global English’.- Language Ideologies in a Time-Space Frame.- Discussion: Analysing Ideologies in Language Education.- Layered Ideologies.- A Diachronic Approach.- A Synchronic Approach.- Chapter 4: State Ideologies of English Education in China: Revisiting the History.- Introduction.- China before the Late Nineteenth Century: the Earliest From of English.- The Sino-Centric World Empire and Its Confucian Ideologies.- The Earliest English and English Teaching in China.- The Opium Wars: Learning English for ‘Self-Strengthening’(1840’s-1911).- The Clash of the Two World-Systems.- English and Foreign Language Education for Self-Strengthening and Missionary Purposes.- The Republic of China: Language Learning in the New Culture Movements (1912-49).- The People’s Republic of China: Changing Fortunes for English-Language Teaching (1949-76).- Learning Russian from the Soviet Union (1949-1956).- Sino-Soviet Schism and the Back-to-English Movement (1957-1965).- Cultural Revolution and the Politicization of English (1966-1976).- China’s Opening and Reform: the English Book (1979-1990’s).- China and Globalization: Embracing English Fully (1990’s-2010’s).- Post-Olympic China: the State’s De-emphasis of English (since the 2010’s).- Discussion: State Ideologies of English in Chinese History.- Chapter 5: English Language Ideologies in Chinese Foreign Language Education Policies.- Introduction.- Language Policies and Foreign Language Education Policies.- The Ascribed Status of English.- The Objectives of English Education.- The Standard of English Learning.- The Culture Issue.- The Issues of Choice and Inequality.- English Education Policies in Post-Olympic China.- Discussion: Ideologies Reflected in the Chinese Foreign Language Education Policies.- Chapter 6: English Language Ideologies Reflected in Teachers’ and Students’ Discourse.- Introduction.- Researching Students’ and Teachers’ ELIs.- The Status of English.- The Objectives of English Teaching and Learning.- The Standard of English Teaching and Learning.- The Culture Issue.- Issues of Choice and Inequality.- Discussion: Ideologies Embedded in Teachers’ and Students’ Discourses.- Chapter 7: English Language Ideologies in Olympic Beijing.- Introduction.- Researching ELIs in Olympic Beijing.- What does English Mean to Chinese People?.- What is the Influence of English on Chinese People?.- Is English a Threat to Chinese Language and Culture?.- What is English for?.- Discussion: Multi-layered Ideologies and Their Contextual Implications.- World Linguistic Systems and the Functions of English in China.- Language Ideologies and Their Contextual Implications.- Chapter 8: Ideologies in Language Education in China: Past, Present and the Future.- Ideologies in Language Education in China: the Past and the Present.- Ideologies in Language Education in China: Looking into the Future.- Implications for Future Research.-Appendix A: Questionnaire for Students.- Appendix B: Questionnaire for Teachers.- Appendix C: General Questionnaire

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