[Edling] Call for Submissions - Teachers and the Negotiation of Fluid Privilege and Marginalization in the 'Field' of ELT

Yazan, Bedrettin byazan at bamaed.ua.edu
Mon May 18 20:39:07 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to announce a call for submissions for a proposed edited volume entitled, Teachers and the Negotiation of Fluid Privilege and Marginalization in the 'Field' of ELT.

This volume will seek to challenge the apprehension and addressing of privilege and marginalization via essentialized categories of identity (e.g., "NEST"/"NNEST"), as such categories may oversimplify and neglect the complexity of learner, user, and instructor identities, thereby stripping individuals of voice and agency. The volume will instead present sociohistorically-situated accounts of teachers' ongoing negotiation of identity at the interstices of dominant, contextualized, glocal discourses of being and doing that intertwine to create, limit and/or eliminate personal and professional discursive space.

We contend that these accounts will equip teachers and teacher educators to better attend to both the “local” in the “global” and “global” in the “local,” in terms of conceptualizing the construction, perpetuation, and maintenance of privilege and marginalization in our profession. We in turn posit that this volume will provide an alternate conceptual and inquiry-based foundation from which critically-oriented scholarship and other professional dialogue might continue to problematize and address inequity in the diversity of contexts that together constitute the “field” of ELT.

For detailed information, please visit the following site: https://fluiditycall.wordpress.com/

Best wishes,

Bedrettin Yazan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
byazan at ua.edu<mailto:byazan at ua.edu>

Nathanael Rudolph, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Mukogawa Women’s University
Nishinomiya, Japan
najoru13 at mukogawa-u.ac.jp<mailto:najoru13 at mukogawa-u.ac.jp>

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