[Edling] Language for Resilience: Supporting Syrian Refugees

Laure Kloetzer laure.kloetzer at unine.ch
Mon Oct 23 04:57:13 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

Very interesting, thanks a lot for sharing the link and report !

We have been working last year on an educational project in Zaatari camp,
in higher education (the Jamiya project), teaching computer science at the
university level in collaboration with Götenburg university. One barrier of
course to learning was English, so Jamiya decided to give the course in
Arabic, and to introduce step by step courses in English. As described by
the students, reconnecting to education in the conditions of the camp was
not an easy task, and everything takes more time than we imagined in the
local conditions. However, language and education here are more than
learning useful skills, it is a matter of freedom, reconnecting to life
outside the camp, and to a valuable future. So very important to support
these kinds of programs, although it is not easy to fund ! (any further
reflection, potential collaboration or advice in this field will be greatly

Best regards,
Laure Kloetzer

2017-10-19 18:06 GMT+02:00 Francis Hult <francis.hult at englund.lu.se>:

> British Council
> Language for Resilience: Supporting Syrian Refugees
> The Language for Resilience report examines the impact of language on
> refugees and host communities affected by the Syrian crisis, identifying
> the different ways that language skills enhance resilience and providing
> suggestions for programme responses that address key needs.
> Full text:
> https://www.britishcouncil.org/education/schools/support-
> for-languages/thought-leadership/research-report/language-resilience

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