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Thu Mar 15 12:06:21 EDT 2018

Hi, I am facing with a group of colleagues a new challenge regarding some students especially from the east of the country ( Algeria) who are hard convincing and stubborni.e. this morning I was discussing with my PHD candidate some points regarding his chapters what to add or omit, so he tried to impose not expose his ideas, I attempted to explain to him what to do because of some academic constraints , I explained to him again and again, so, his face showed that he was not convinced and he did not accept my opinions, I am not imposing anything but there are things to be taken for granted ie the length equilibrium betwseen sections and chapters, even at this level he did not want to accept  at the end , I left , though I am calm by nature and told him , supervise yourself by your self .what do you think?what to do ?PS; such type of behaviour is recurrent with your candidates ( less than 35 years old )

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