[Edling] Journal of Second Language Teacher Education: Call for Papers

Manka Varghese mankav at u.washington.edu
Sat Mar 31 11:09:24 EDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting to this new journal and sending this on to 
other students and colleagues.  Thanks, Manka

Zia Tajeddin

Professor of Applied Linguistics
Allameh Tabataba’i University

Editor-in-Chief of /Journal of Second Language Teacher Education/


*/Journal of Second Language Teacher Education (JSLTE)/* is a new
peer-reviewed journal which publishes manuscripts that explore issues in
second language teacher education and raise new questions by drawing on
or expanding the analytic perspectives used in this field. /*JSLTE’s
*//policies are/ guided by its /editorial board. The board consists of
/a group of prominent scholars in the field of second language teacher
education, including, among others, *Jack C. Richards, Gary Barkhuizen,
Roger Barnard, George Braine, Anne Burns, Farahnaz Faez, Thomas Farrell,
Anne Feryok, Donald Freeman, Kendall King, Enric Llurda, Ahmar Mahboob*,
Manka Varghese and *Perer Medgyes*.

*/JSLTE/* welcomes studies with qualitative, quantitative, or mixed
methods designs which approach issues in teacher education from the
perspectives of globalization, postcolonial debates, English as an
international language (EIL), sociocultural theory, postmodernist
paradigm, constructivist views, complex systems, or critical applied

The main issues of interest for publication in */JSLTE/* include, but
are not limited to, the following topics:

Pre-service and in-service teacher education programs

  Native/nonnative teachers

Teacher quality assessment

Teacher professional development

Supervision of teachers

Teacher cognition

Teacher perceptions and beliefs

Teacher identity

Teacher reflection

Teacher autonomy

Teacher emotion

Teacher action research

Technology in teacher education

Teacher knowledge base and expertise

Teacher language awareness

Teacher decision making and pedagogical reasoning

Critical pedagogy and teacher education

Teachers’ intercultural and pragmatic competence and instruction

Teachers’ community of practice

Teachers’ morality and ethics

Teacher education in the context of EIL/ELF

Sociocultural approaches to teacher education

Complex systems approaches to teacher education

For more details, please visit www.sltejournal.com

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