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   Announcing LCTL-T, a new listserv for teachers of
               Less Commonly Taught Languages.

The Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Project at the University of
Minnesota has established a new listserv aimed at encouraging communication
among teachers of LCTLs around the world. We define LCTLs as all languages
other than English, French, German, and Spanish.

This listserv will complement  the five specific language listservs also
run by the project -- celtic-t, china-t, hindi-t, nordic-t, and polish-t --
as well as  more general listservs for foreign language teachers like
flteach, scolt.

Discussions will center on issues related to teaching specific LCTLs (e.g.,
"Does anyone know of a source for software to teach Bengali?) or on more
general issues facing LCTL teachers (e.g., "Because I am the only Korean
teacher at my school, we are the last ones to get funding... Any ideas for
strengthening our position?")

LCTL-T is open to anyone, and is unmoderated.
To subscribe to LCTL-T, send the one line message

sub lctl-t yourfirstname yourlastname


<listserv at VM1.SPCS.UMN.EDU>
You will receive confirmation of a successful subscription along with
information on how to unsubscribe, post messages.  If you have any
questions or problems, please contact:

Louis Janus
 Less Commonly Taught Languages Project
 Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
 University of Minnesota
 UTEC--1313 5th Street SE, Suite 111
 Minneapolis, MN 55414
 612/627-1872 (voice)
 612/627-1875 (fax)
janus005 at

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