Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi Web dictionary

David Nathan djn at
Sat Jan 20 00:52:48 UTC 1996

Dear colleagues

We would like to announce that a dictionary of Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi
(northern NSW, Australia) has been put on the World Wide Web.

It is the Web's first page-formatted, hypertext dictionary. As far as we
know, other Web dictionaries are either:

  - search engines (and the info returned includes hypertext links in few cases)
  - vaguely or not at all formatted, without cross references
  - not accessible at the moment
  - simply don't work at all

Please have a look at the dictionary if you have time, at URL :

It is part of a site being built for information about Australian
Indigenous languages at :

Thank you

Dave Nathan and Peter Austin


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