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Thu May 2 00:10:52 UTC 1996

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This is an addition to my mail about the Quechua language.

With respect to what we were told at our Quechua anniversary meeting 
in Bonn about the plan to forbid the Quechua language in Peru I have 
just had a reliable message from a colleague in Cuzco who says that 
the following happened: Some people in Cuzco presented a project for a 
law that would have made the teaching of Quechua obligatory in the 
whole of Peru. This project was not supported by Parliament. On the 
other hand, this year a programme for training teachers in intercultural
bilingual education has been initiated on the national level. 

- So, things have turned out not as bad as one might have feared.
Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar
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30 April 1996

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