Lost Language Day?

T.Matthew Ciolek tmciolek at coombs.anu.edu.au
Mon May 20 06:59:01 UTC 1996

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BOUNCE endangered-languages-l: Non-member submission from ["H.-J. Sasse" <Hj.Sasse at Uni-Koeln.DE>

Establishing a "Lost Language Day" is not a bad idea. I hereby offer 
support from the German "Committee on Endangered Languages" whose 
spokesman I am. We cannot promise any financial support but we could 
perhaps help in distributing info in Germany and neighboring countries. 
We will discuss this in our next meeting. I only suggest to replace 
"read" in the headline of your poster with something else, "hear" for 
instance. This comes closer to reality. In fact you can read written 
words over and over again but you cannot hear them any longer spoken by a 
living native speaker.

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