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>Subject:       Are languages "lost" or "destroyed"?

>I would like to support Dave Nathan's plea for partly respecting the
>right of the communities themselves to decide the direction, they are
>the owners of the languages, and if they make decisions, with enough
>knowledge and awareness of the long-term consequences of the
>decisions, and if they jhave alternatives available, then it is up to
>them. The worries are often, of course, that they see few
>alternatives, and that the either-or monolingualism-oriented
>subtractive-learning-promoting ideologies (western European, mainly)
>are still so strong, instead of both-and-and, multilingualism-
>oriented, additive-learning-promoting ideologies - the ones we need
>for language maintenance.
>In my view terms like "language death" and "lost languages" are
>indicative of an approach where it seems it just happens, without any
>agents, or at least without any intentional, conscious agents.
>"Circumstances" beyond anybody's control, "modernization", etc, lots
>of evolutionary ideologies, blurring causal factors. i can see how
>people react when I speak about language killing, language murder,
>linguistic genocide (using the old 1948 UN definition, by the way...)
>- most react defensively, in an embarrassed way, often wanting to
>shoot the messenger rather than react to the message. - So, yes,
>Dave, let's call these spades spades, rather than hiding behind
>"neutral" language...
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