Nancy Dorian's fieldwork volume proposal

Tom Priestly tom.priestly at
Sun Feb 2 03:54:43 UTC 1997

Good idea!

My own exerience does not, at first glance, sound exciting (an Alpine
valley?! Austria?!!) but I can offer (as well as linguistic stuff)

1. maidens bathing on midsummer eve under  a bridge over which a dead
person was recently transported, in order to dream of their future spouse

2. participating (for purely anthro-type reasons, of course) in St
Florian's Day traditions, which meant getting rather drunk, staggering back
to my lodging at 4 a.m., and being woken 2 hours later to see (and smell)
the neighbours slaughtering a sheep beneath my bedroom window

3. having to avoid bumping into a well-known Neo-Nazi at a 'Zeltfest'
(yearly dance to oom-pa-a music)

so surely people who go to exotic places can write something interesting.
Hope to hear of developments!
Tom Priestly

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