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Mark Donohue mark.donohue at
Wed Feb 5 18:51:13 UTC 1997

Mark Line wrote:
>Or is it only fervent
>Christians with a missionary agenda who are motivated to live in the
>jungle on native food, enjoy the rewards of linguistic fieldwork, and earn
>peanuts (or mongongo nuts, as the case may be)?
I think not. I, for one, would be pretty content to live on peanuts (or
whichever sort), if I could only be guarranteed that it'd be a more than
2-month appointment, and that there'd be some sort of support for writing
up the results afterwards (so other linguists can make use of the work),
and that ther ewould be a contribution towards making some of the work
usable by the people who speak that language - perhaps a separate fund /
support for producing vernacular langauge materials (shouldn't be hard in
this era of desktop publishing).

Anyone know of a funding agency?

-Mark D.

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