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thanks nancy for this snippet...perhaps it's a new thread, i'dbe most
interestedin hearing more about this topic, particularly field experiences
from folks who have wrestled with these issues...
>     If there are legal issues (land claims, water
     rights, questions of freedom to follow traditional
          religious practices) that an outsider who becomes
	       knowledgeable about local language and tradition
	            can help to prepare for, that may make it
			              Nancy Dorian
				      i'm no linguist and i'm no sinologist,
				      but i'm working here in china, in
				      northern sichuan with the music of the
				      qiang people. have found myslef more and
				      more invovled with the language, since
				      almost all of the music of qiang is
				      vocal, very little
				      instrumental music. and since the
				      language is such a state of decay, the
				      resulting effects on the music are
				      immense. so, seat-of-my-skirt, a
				      bumbling Det. COlumbo-style fieldworker,
				      i'm tyring to work with both music and
				      language. and the issues
				      you mention are important....thanks,
				      much. emma z.

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