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At 00:55 +1300 1997-02-10, Peter Keegan wrote:
>>>It has nothing to do with skin-color, rather, it is birthright.
>>Birthright. "A right of possession or privilege on has from birth, esp. as
>>the eldest son." (Concise Oxford Dictionary)
> My use of the term "birthright" is a translation of a Maori concept. I.e.
>"whakapapa" ;  perhaps "genealogy" is a better translation. Neither terms
>convey the affect whakapapa has on Maori individuals. (email me for a full
>explanation of the concept)

It would be very nice to know this.

>We know that many endangered languages do not have the support of
>governments.  (Oddly, Maori is the only official language of New Zealand,
>despite English being spoken by 95%+ of the population.)
>What is the official & legal status of Scots Gaelic ?

Irish Gaelic is the first official language of Ireland.

>P.S.  some Maori authorities have commented in this weekend in New Zealand
>newspapers that there are perhaps only 10,000 fluent speakers of Maori left.
>I suspect many other endangered languages are also not doing well in 1997 !

Yes, this is one of our century's greatest tragedies.

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