ELL: Strategies for Language Revitalization

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Dear Lyle and Joan:
     A similar project for North America is being undertaken by the Institute
     for the Preservation of the Original Languages of the Americas (IPOLA).
     IPOLA with the Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation
     (CELP) of the Linguistic Society of America is also updating the 1996
     survey of the endangered languages (data gathered from the members of the
     Linguistic Society of America and of the Society for the Study of the
     Indigenous Languages of the Amercas).  Thus, you may want to contact Ms.
     Inee Slaughter of IPOLA (<ipola at roadrunner.com>).  Best, Akira

     At 06:24 PM 7/27/99 +1200, you wrote:
     >Dear language revitalization/endangered language colleague(s),
     >We are writing both to seek help and to offer help.  We have a small
     >three-year grant to survey research and applied programs on language
     >revitalization (project title:  "Strategies for Language
     >The goal is to assemble a basic resource/reference on strategies,
     >techniques, and methods used to revitalize endangered languages or to
     >speakers and communities in language maintenance and in resisting
     >shift.  In many instances, appropriate strategies require an
     >of causes of language shift and language endangerment, and therefore
     >of the project is also addressed to these causes.   We hope also to
     >determine,  at least in part, which strategies/techniques are more
     >and which are less fruitful in general.
     >        We would like to ask help with our project.  We would be very
     >grateful to you for any information you could send us of the following
     >(1) About language revitalization (and related) projects you know about
     >(anywhere in the world).
     >(2) About the various methods, techniques, strategies utilized to resist
     >language loss and to strengthen or revitalize the language.
     >(3) About things attempted that have been successful and also things not
     >(4) About causes of language shift and language endangerment in the
     >situation(s) you are aware of, or factors favoring maintenance.
     >(5) Names of other people, projects, organizations, publications,
     >and the like which we may not know about which are relevant to the
     >        In return, we will be happy to share with you the final product
     >the compilation and evaluation of resources and techniques in language
     >revitalization -- when we have finished the project.   We anticipate it
     >being a valuable general resource/reference for individuals and
     >organizations concerned with this problem.
     >If you want to send information in French, German, or Spanish, we don't
     >mind (or in Finnish or Turkish, too, for that matter).  We prefer
     >but regular mail and fax are also fine; some contact details are:
     >j.smith at ling.canterbury.ac.nz (Joan Smith/Kocamahhul)
     >l.campbell at ling.canterbury.ac.nz (Lyle Campbell)
     >Linguistics Department
     >University of Canterbury
     >Private Bag 4800
     >Christchurch, New Zealand
     >Fax:  64-3-364-2969
     >Thank you in advance,
     >Lyle Campbell and Joan Smith/Kocamahhul
     >Professor Lyle Campbell
     >Dept. of Linguistics
     >University of Canterbury
     >Private Bag 4800
     >Christchurch, New Zealand
     >Fax:   64-3-364-2969
     >Phone: 64-3-364-2242
     >Joan Smith/Kocamahhul
     >Linguistics Dept
     >University of Canterbury
     >Private Bag 4800
     >New Zealand
     >fax: 00-64-3-3642969
     >Endangered-Languages-L Forum:
     endangered-languages-l at carmen.murdoch.edu.au
     >Web pages http://carmen.murdoch.edu.au/lists/endangered-languages-l/
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     majordomo at carmen.murdoch.edu.au
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