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>From:   Bernard Comrie
>Date:   24 Jul 99
>Subj:   Volkswagen-Stiftung
>Dear Colleagues,
>As you may already know, the Volkswagen-Stiftung (Volkswagen Foundation)
>has recently announced a new program on the documentation of endangered
>languages and is soliciting applications for project grants. Information on
>the program is available on the internet (so far apparently in German) at
>the address http://www.volkswagen-stiftung.de/infotext/infodoku.htm. The
>responsible person at the VW-Stiftung is Dr. Vera SzÂllÂssi-Brenig, e-mail
><szoeloessi at volkswagen-stiftung.de>.
>The main reason for this message is to draw your attention to one point in
>the announcement, in the first paragraph of section VII. Here it is said
>that applications from abroad are treated equally with those from Germany,
>but that applicants from abroad are expected to develop institutional
>cooperation with individual scientists or scientific institutions in
>Germany. The Department of Linguistics of the Max Planck Institute for
>Evolutionary Anthropology, which has the documentation of endangered
>languages as one of its areas, would be happy to consider cooperation with
>applicants from outside Germany who are seeking such a link. I would be
>grateful if you could make this information known to your
>With best wishes,
>Bernard Comrie
>Prof. Dr. Bernard Comrie     Director, Department of Linguistics
>Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
>Inselstrasse 22                            tel +49 341 99 52 301
>D-04103 Leipzig                  tel secretary +49 341 99 52 300
>Germany                                    fax +49 341 99 52 119
>E-mail:                                        comrie at eva.mpg.de
>Departmental web page          http://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua.html
>A copy of all incoming e-mail is fowarded to my secretary.    If
>you do not wish your message to be read other than by me, please
>put "private" in the subject box.

Tasaku Tsunoda
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