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If I get it right, the answer from Radio New Zealand was:

- we do not have money to carry on our Maori news service, hence
- we will replace it with traditional oral narrative, for three reasons
  - it is cheaper
    - it is more relevant to the listeners than short news flashes
        (that can be done better in English anyway)
	      - it has a richer lg (esp. vocabulary) than the news lg

	      This position is interesting for other min lg communities as
	      well, even if
	      it may turn out that I have simplified somewhat in my
	      characterisation of
	      the NZ view. Put on the edge:

	      - Shall min and maj lgs split domains, so that min lgs #coexist#
                with maj
		lgs for the min lg speakers (Maori for trad narrative, English
                for news
		and, in genereal terms, for the modernised society)?

		In practice the Maori will buy and sell their cars in English
		occacionally in Maori), just as the S.i do it in Norwegian in
		their own
		S.i-lg press. But in my opinion it is a dangerous track to let
		go of any
		domain, in this case the possibility to establish a view of
		the contemorary
		world, in one own.s lg.

		In principle, the Maori lg needs both trad oral narrative and
		bulletings. The announced program plans for Maori sound very
		indeed, but to let go of news bulletins (even translated stuff
		from news
		agencies) seems to be a dangerous path to take.

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