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Announcing books documenting endangered languages and published by
Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,
The Australian National University, Canberra:

by language group
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B-115   A Description of Abun: A West Papuan Language of
        Irian Jaya
        Berry, Keith and Christine Berry

This volume presents a description of the phonology,
morphology and grammar of the Abun language, spoken in the
northern Bird's Head region of Irian Jaya.  There is also a
discussion of various clauses types, including relative,
complement and adverbial clauses.
1999    ISBN 0 85883 482 0              xii+236pp
AUS $45.50

C-146   A Grammar of Hatam, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
        Reesink, Ger P.

This volume presents a description of the phonology,
morphology and syntax of Hatam, which is spoken on the
Bird's Head Peninsula of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.  Hatam is a
Papuan language with a basic SVO order, and many verb
sequences.  Phonological features include initial geminates
and an utterance-level stress pattern.  The book contains a
number of annotated text.
1999    ISBN 0 85883 497 9      xv+215pp
AUS$42.50       Weight 600g

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C-156   Ura: A Disappearing Language of Southern Vanuatu
        Crowley, Terry

This description comprises a detailed grammar sketch of the
moribund Ura language of southern Vanuatu, along with a
compilation of texts, as well as the author's entire lexical
corpus.  Given that Crowley was working with a small group
of elderly speakers, it is likely that this account with
represent the final word on this language.  Until the 1970s,
the languages of southern Vanuatu represented one of the
least-known groupings of Oceanic languages, but descriptive
work in the last two decades has resulted in this being one
of the more comprehensively described groupings, with this
description filling one of the remaining gaps in our
1999    ISBN 0 85883 520 7      xiii+226pp (maps)
AUS$45.00       Weight 500g

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C-150   A Grammar  of the Wirangu Language from the West
        Coast of South Australia
        Hercus,  L.A.

This book contains a grammar and vocabulary of an endangered
language, the Wirangu language of the west coast of South
Australia.  The work discusses similarities between Wirangu
and other South Australian Aboriginal languages.
1999    ISBN 0 85883 505 3      xxii+217pp
AUS$43.50       Weight 600g

C-154   The Yorta Yorta (Bangerang) Language of the Murray
        Goulburn Including Yabula Yabula
        Bowe, Heather and Morey, Stephen

This work on Yorta Yorta was begun in response to an
invitation by Yorta Yorta woman Lois Peeler to review the
available written material on Yorta Yorta to complement the
Yorta Yorta language knowledge of her mother, Mrs Geraldine
Briggs, O.A., and to compile a resource book on Yorta Yorta
for language revival purposes.
ISBN 0 85883 513 4      xiii+286pp
AUS$51.00       Weight 600g

D-92     OZBIB: A linguistic bibliography of Aboriginal
         Australia and the Torres Strait Islands
         Carrington, Lois, and Triffitt, Geraldine

This bibliography aims to include all published works on
Australiana and Torres Strait Islands languages and
linguistics, with the addition of relevant theses.  There
is a natural watershed in the listing, in that prior to
1959 emphasis is on vocabularies, texts, or songs, whereas
for the past 40 years the emphasis is on linguistics and
applied linguistics: analysis and comparisons, dictionaries
and grammars, surveys, works on bilingual education,
language policy, pidgins and créoles and Aboriginal English.
1999    ISBN 0 85883 505 0      x+282 pages
AUS$38.00       Weight 650g

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