ELL: Missions in North Thailand and the Akha: One Observer's Findings

Matthew McDaniel akha at LOXINFO.CO.TH
Wed Dec 22 13:28:42 UTC 1999

> Missionaries and the Akha:
> My personal view:

> I have been in north of Thailand myself and have seen what have
> happend with
> the villages that have been christianed. It is from those villages
> that most
> young girls are sent to prostitution to for example Bangkok. It is in
> those
> villages you see most of poorness and bad things. It is in those
> villages
> they have lost all their traditions and they do not know anymore how
> to
> treat and take care of different situations  in life. They are also
> weaker
> and have problems to stand against for example thais that recrute
> drughandlers for missions to and from Burma.
> Read and distribute this mail to people that can affect that christian
> missionaries follow the rules from UN and international laws. What
> happends
> to Akha people and other hilltribes are against Thai law and are not
> seen
> positive by thai authorities. There can be som thais working for
> government
> that are "blind". The christian mission together with power people
> that take
> over the hilltribes land and plant pineforrests (not normally in
> Thailand
> fauna)are very big threat and totally damage the culture of all
> hilltribes,
> traditions and possibilities to a life in freedom. Instead will the
> hilltribes be converted to a slaveclass to work on the fields for some
> more
> greedy thais or to be shown as some kind of monkeys in a circus for
> paying
> tourists from the west.
> Svenne


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