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Wellington, July 9
The Radio Broadcasters' Association today called on the board of Radio New
Zealand (RNZ) to reinstate daily Maori language news bulletins.  The three
daily bulletins were dropped by National Radio last Friday, after running
for 57 years.
The move came after Maori broadcasting funding agency Te Mangai Paho
withdrew its $250,000 funding to Mana Maori Media to produce the news
bulletins for RNZ.  The agency had only helped with funding for one year,
with RNZ funding the bulletins prior to that.
Association chairman Derek Lowe today described the lack of funding reason
given by RNZ as ``a lame excuse''.
Mr Lowe said National Radio had a mandate to provide programmes that
reflected New Zealand culture and national identity, which included Maori
language promotion.
``Public radio exists to cater for sectors of society that commercial radio
cannot serve,'' he said in a statement today.
``It is to be hoped that the board of RNZ will now act swiftly and firmly
to reinstate these bulletins.''
Mr Lowe said the Maori Council had been justified in demanding the
Government explain why the bulletins had been dropped.
RNZ chief executive Sharon Crosbie has said National Radio would still
honour the requirement in its charter to provide 250 hours a year of
programmes promoting the Maori language and culture, but those shows would
be either bilingual or in English. English language bulletins of Maori news
will still be broadcast on National Radio by Mana Maori Media.

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