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At 9:49 AM +1100 3/20/99, David Bradley wrote:
> From: "Paul W. Lewis" <pwlewis at juno.com>
> I have received an article from the Akha News Service, Maesai, Chiangrai,
> Thailand which accuses me of several things.

This was interesting, though long. It would be interesting also to
see the original article to which Dr. Lewis replied. If it is
available on the web, could someone post the URL? Or if there is a
printed copy floating about (not in Thai or Akha, though), would it
be too forward to request a copy? I will teach an undergraduate
course entitled "Endangered Languages" in the fall, and I am thinking
of this as a possible component of a case study in political effects.
But I'd have to see it and mull it over.

Thanks in advance!

George Fowler

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