ELL: Re: in support of Transparent Language Systems' offer

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					   At 17:26 26/03/99 -0500, David
					   Harris wrote:
					   >Here's an example of how global
					   computing can help:
					   >Because of the internet, I have
					   finally been able to obtain
					   information on
					   >the Rhaeto-Romance dialects of
					   >1- Through the internet, I located
					   a Swiss bookseller
					   >2- In addition, many of the
					   official Swiss government webpages
					   are in RR
					   >(one of four official languages of
					   Switzerland) as well as French,
					   >and Italian (the other three
					   official languages) and English.
					   >3- Better still has been on-line
					   access to the RR journal 'Punts'

					   The Internet also allows us to be
					   in communication with one another.
					   In the past, it took me weeks, if
					   not months, to track down
					   language-specific articles, theses,
					   dissertation, handouts, etc and
					   the authors via letter, fax, phone,
					   etc.  Now it
					   can be done in a few minutes.

					   David, you should contact Christine
					   Kamprath at Caterpillar Inc (one
					   of my former colleagues when I
					   worked on the translation system
					   there).  Her speciality in
					   linguistics before getting into
					   computational linguistics was in
					   fact Rhaeto-Romance dialects
					   of Switzerland.  To my knowledge,
					   she continues to edit journal
					   articles that deal with RR.
					   Her e-mail is kamprck at cat.com  &
					   ckkz8d1 at cat.com

					   Just tell her that Jeff sent you
					   along since you had mentioned
					   that you were interested in RR



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