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		As I have an interest in helping people preserve their
		language and the
		things they normally talk about in that language, I will
		remain a minor barb
		to SIL as they provide much supportive work to missionaries
		who displace
		almost in its entirety, the traditional culture of the people
		they impose
		their views on.  It is illegal and the missions and the big
		orgs that help
		them need to be called on it over and over and over until they
		start getting
		the point.

		"Oh, us Missionaries? Why we are only here to tell people
		about Jesus."
		What a lot of rot that is.  It is white racism and imperialism
		in its utmost
		and comes mostly from big orgs in America.

		I deal daily with their trucks on the roads in and out of the
		villagers that have had their culture pushed aside with
		promises of help and
		money in return for conversion, divided villages (which means
		families).  Try teaching language classes in a village
		fighting over a
		contention that someone has come and sewn in their midst.

		And the thing that is of the greatest import is that the
		missions constantly
		deny what they are doing out in the jungles of the world,
		claiming it was
		only a mistake of their past.

		Guess Again.

		Just Say No To Missionaries till they get the point and do a
		little cultural
		changing of their own.


		"Lindsay J. Whaley" wrote:

		> Before the flames against SIL grow too large, I would like
                  to mention that
		  > there is an American based missions organization called
                  New Tribes (known
		  > as Neuvas Tribus in at least some parts of Latin
                  America). New Tribes is
		  > primarily involved in church planting and evangelism,
                  though they also do
		  > Bible translation.  Perhaps the missionaries Diego
                  encountered in Panama
		  > were with this mission rather than SIL.  If so, then it
                  would be best not
		  > to attribute an act of subterfuge to SIL.
> --- Matthew McDaniel wrote:
> Oh, but why should anyone be afraid if SIL has a million alias's?  They
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