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  Ar 3:03 pm +0200 1999-09-21, scr.obh Trond Trosterud:
  >I am an atheist, and consider all religious belief as varieties of
  >believing in Winnie-the-Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and the like.
  >But I also know that religious people cannot be rescued from their
  >respective paradises.

  Dear Trond! People (religious and non-), are rescued from their respective
  paradises every day, and it is often good, clean fun just trying to do

  >Trond Trosterud

  I'm happy to believe that most ELL subscribers silent so far on this topic
  would agree that it is important to ensure trading in
  religions/politics/linguistics (or any combination of the three) at least
  be an honest trade henceforward, and if the move to that begins with
  linguistics, that will be good for linguistics.

  Marion Gunn <mgunn at ucd.ie>

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