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Subject: ELL: so we do what?
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			 "So now, it is urgent that a serious attitude be
			 taken collectively in
			 order to change the situation."

			 What might be suggested as a course of action?

			 Quoted below:

			  "Based on some pieces of information, and mainly on
			  Prof. Marcus Maia's

			  report, it became clear to me that:

			    a) one and the same missionary institution can be
			    duplicated into
			    several national institutions which mirror itself
			    (egs. ALEM, in Brazil,

			    Vision Mundial, in Equator etc,  created in image
			    of SIL);

			      b) there is a (hidden) partnership among legally
			      distinct missionary
			      institutions, due to an overlapping which make
			      of them faces of the same

			      thing (as perceived by the indigenous

			        c) damage is caused/can be caused to the
			        indigenous communities by
				missionary institutions whose understanding of
			        serving God is reduced to

				tame/ to change the other and everything which
				identifies him as an
				individual/ as part of a group.

				  So now, it is urgent that a serious attitude
				  be taken collectively in
				  order to change the situation.

				    Marilia Faco Soares

				      Federal University of Rio de Janeiro"


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