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Do you call a flame an email that asks questions you wish not to answer?

I am white, but I have found, growing up in the church, that there is
probably no such entrenched race in the history of man which is so loathe to
study the abuses of the political and religious structures of its own time.

SIL is very white main stream conservative evangelical.

Many white people would oppose criticism of them without a lot of knowledge
as to why.  Including my father.

I would find it very odd that SIL's effect on the endangering of languages
and cultures is not discussed on this list unless it is a chosen blind spot.

So far there is no other cause or suspected cause of endangering languages
that people are not willing to discuss.  We see government prohibition and
many other human unfortunate things which effect language discussed on this

Only SIL and such orgs seem to not get the academic scrutiny or documentation
that they deserve.

I find this odd.

I find no reason to not discuss it on this list.

This list is about endangered languages.

It is the opinion of some people that SIL is involved in endangering
languages or supporting those who do.

I suggested that there be good academic study of this.

What are people afraid of?

To me it is just proof of how foul things might really be in all this mission

One thing could happen.

It could be determined by more and more people on this list and in language
work that these missionaries are damaging language in the name of their own
arrogance toward native peoples.

Then it might be determined that in many cases these organizations are not
helping languages but contributing to their destruction.

So it might be determined to come up with some common ways to fight the
activities of such organizations just as one might come up with ways to fight
governments who damage people's languages.

But to suggest that we should look the other way?


Jeff ALLEN wrote:

> At 22:06 22/09/99 +0700, you wrote:
> >It seems extremely odd to me that there would be any voices of defense of
> SIL on this list.
> Matthew, I think you meant to say that "It seems extremely odd to me that
> there would *not* be any voices of defense of SIL on this list".  I simply
> don't have time to mess around with responding to such flames.  I've made
> my statements in the past and it is not necessary to repost those messages
> to the entire list.
> <snip>
> >Do people really believe that SIL's agenda is furthering the teachings of
> a loving Jesus?
> Yes. But I will leave it at that because this list is not intended to
> discuss such a topic.  This can be discussed further off-list.
> Best,
> Jeff
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