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				Then you have described what is the exact
				racial difference about what white
				people find it is just ok to do to people.

				For one thing, I do not think that the bombing
				of a church is the same thing as
				destroying it.

				If you drive your truck off the road in a
				drunk, and hit the church, you have
				destroyed it.
				That is not a terrorist act.

				Maybe you prefer the notation "dismantle".

				Have it as you will.  The subject is
				endangered languages.
				Religious fanatics from America and Australia
				and a few other places would come
				to an Akha village and force the building of a
				church on the village against the
				will of many of the villagers.  If at some
				point in this dispute the church under
				construction or constructed church is torn
				down, the church is then "destroyed"
				is it not?

				How would you call it?

But are you of the opinion that forcing churches into villages NOW in Thailand
not an act of white terrorism if we are to follow your standards?  The Akha
should allow the missionaries to force the construction of a church in a
that they have caused in a village but the majority of the villagers should
be allowed to tear it down or they are "terrorists".

I would advise that you encounter the realities of what these people are doing
innocent indigenous peoples before you suggest that the tearing down of a
is always terrorist activity.

This is a very serious problem related to language and cultural destruction.
have the guts to call it.

If you build a building in Bangkok and ask for a permit to build it to six
stories and then you build it to ten the Bangkok metropolitan authority will
force you to "destroy" the top four stories of your building.  This is not
terrorism either.  These churches are almost all built without building
without environmental impact or cultural impact studies nor any consideration
the humans involved.

Dismantle the church if you will, but there are many cases where they should
and must.  If you would like to come here to visit you may.

But your email also suggests that the Church should be forceably defended to
impose its will on all peoples around the world by every police organization
you mention with no mention of the rights of the people you mention.

I still say that there are numerous Akha villages where the churches have been
built illegally under any possible twisting of human consideration and they
should be removed.  Call it what you want.  Violations of the UN laws on human
rights should be enforced before buildings of white Christian mission
organizations should be protected from dismantling.

But this email shows clearly that you would defend the right of Americans to
continue to forcibly colonize indigenous peoples with their missions and that
basically the missions and the military should be defended as the same.  The
really does come out of the clothes.

Or what would you suggest, we build two churches where there is now one?
They do that here too.

We have long accused the missionaries of ethics violations in being linked to
working for the CIA.
Your thesis would reinforce this matter to most.

Please give me a better word to use for taking all the blocks down that are
cemented together that make up a church that was built to divide a village
has fourty huts, by building it in the very center of that small village,
two stories tall?

Your choice of terms regarding this matter suggest just how non academicly
rigorous the thinking is here.

What might you suggest the Akha do to defend themselves?

But do you protest the daily demolition of Palestinian homes in their own west
bank as vehemently, and that has been there a long time.

Some of us are willing to take a stand against the abuse of people and their
language no matter who is doing it.

Matthew McDaniel

Jeff ALLEN wrote:

> At 01:03 28/09/99 +0700, Matthew McDaniel wrote:
> >Some of the most dishonest people I know, missionaries.
> >Gee, where do such people get off preaching at natives about God?
> >I didn't know he was into such dishonesty and denial?
> >So what are they really up to.
> >I am sorry, I say destroy their churches and run them out of the country,
> that
> >WILL get their attention.
> Do your financers know that you promote such terrorist activities?  The
> attention your actions are going to get is that of the FBI, the CIA, and a
> lot of other National and International security organizations for the
> welfare of Americans living abroad.
> When such statements are made in public with regard to black churches in
> the southern states of the US, you can bet that the Federal Bureau of
> Investigation (FBI) would be on the trail immediately.  For the bombing of
> US embassies in foreign countries, the investigation process is not a
> one-day brief look either.  A lot of hear-say statements have been made on
> this list, and elsewhere, about SIL being affiliated with the CIA, although
> there is nothing to prove it.  But your statements published all over the
> Internet on these multiple mailing lists, encouraging the idea of bombing
> of buildings where American expatriates (despite their religious or
> non-religious orientation) reside, work, or happen to be, is setting
> yourself up for some real potential CIA intervention.  It has nothing to do
> with SIL.  All of your messages are being archived (for example at
> d-languages-l.9909) , and that means your statements are public.  That is
> dangerous.
> >From what I've heard all my life, the CIA and other such US security
> institutions do not mess around with even "jokingly" terrorist claims.  I
> had a friend who made some "cute" remark about a bomb in his bag to the
> security person at an airport in the US, and he spent a whole day
> undergoing major interrogations for that remark.  You are messing with
> something that I would not get near if I were you.  I would say you are
> running a thin line of getting yourself expelled out of Thailand by
> publishing such statements on the Internet on an on-going basis.  I am
> considering unsubscribing from the ELL list to avoid having myself or my
> employer of being considered even remotely affiliated with anything you are
> stating with regard to this topic on the ELL and other public mailing lists.
> You should be careful what you are write.  If there were ever a CIA
> investigation, you are possibly putting a lot of other list members at risk
> by having participated (even as passive accomplices) in your discussions
> that lean toward terrorist activities against Americans.  I'm definitely
> not one who says that Americans are best and all that kind of stuff, but I
> do know what my country does for the security of its people, and certainly
> for those who are expatriates like myself.  Such issues are not taken
> lightly.
> Sorry, but these kinds of malicious statements, and the repercussions that
> they could have on me, my family, my colleagues, and my compatriotes, are
> about ready to end my active participation on what has generally been an
> interesting list.
> Jeff


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