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XVII International Finno-Ugric Students' Conference

IFUSCO, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Narva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn,
Phone: + 372-6409138, 6409136; fax: + 372-6409136; e-mail: ifusco at tpu.ee;
Internet: http://www.suri.ee/ifusco/


XVII IFUSCO, International Finno-Ugrists' Conference will take place in
Tallinn, Estonia from 03.- 07.08.2000.

The main theme of the conference is: "Quo vadis, Finno-Ugric world?"

The work is arranged is 5 sections (+ MAFUN), accordingly:
1. linguistics
2. literature
3. folklore (folk beliefs, folk music, mythology etc.)
4. history (ethnography, archeology)
5. regional problems (sociology, demography, youth-problems - national
6. relations between Finno-Ugric students and universities (MAFUN)
Reports can be held in all Finno-Ugric languages, also in English, German
or Russian. Summaries have to be sent in either Estonian, Finnish,
Hungarian, English or Russian. Report and summary have to be in different
languages. It is not allowed to change the declared report language.The
length of report is 15 min. + 5 min. for discussion.

The deadline for registration is 15.03.2000 by post: IFUSCO, Tallinn
Pedagogical University, Narva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia; by e-mail:
ifusco at tpu.ee; or by fax:
(2) 6 409 136.

 Summaries have to reach us the latest by 01.05.2000,  their length being
from minimum 900 letters to maximum 1A4. Summaries have to be typed either
on computer or type-writer and sent by post or e-mail.

The participation charge is $125, the citizens of Russia excluded. Travel
costs are covered by each participant. The charge includes: 4 nights
accommodation, catering, conference materials, culture program,
We expect from the participants a small culture program, Finno-Ugric
scientific literature and belletristics for the book exposition-fair (we
would be thankful for any book you could leave to the organizers). Also,
of course, music on tapes or CDs, songs, instruments. There will be an
The aim of the conference is to formulate a declaration of the Finno-Ugric
world's present condition and directions of development.
We ask you to inform us whether you will go on to the 9th FU in Tartu. It
is free of charge for IFUSCO participants, living and transport costs have
to be carried by yourself. It depends on the number of interested ones,
whether IFUSCO organizers will deal also with that.
In our second announcement we will let you know of the excact program and
specify the transport possibilities.
More information on phone numbers: (2) 6409 138 or (2) 6409 136 or from
joalaid at eki.ee (Marje Joalaid)
jprozes at eki.ee (Jaak Prozes)
ludwig at tpu.ee (Veronika Savi)
jyrx at tpu.ee (J¸rgen Rooste)

As you registrate, we ask you to follow the registration sheet carefully.



Given name(s) and surname____________________________________________

University or work-place_______________________________________________

Date of birth_______________________________




Post address___________________________________________________________



Heading of report______________________________________________________

Language of report__________________________________

Language of summary (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, English or

Field of subject (mark a cross):
?folklore (folk beliefs, folk music, mythology etc.)
?history (ethnography, archeology)
?regional problems (sociology, demography, youth-problems - national
?relations between Finno-Ugric students and universities (MAFUN)

? I will go on to FU in Tartu

Please return the filled sheet by 15.03.2000 by post:
  Tallinn Pedagogical University
         Narva mnt 25
        10120 Tallinn

or by e-mail:
ifusco at tpu.ee

How to draw up the summary?

The heading of report
Given name(s) and surname
University or work-place
E-mail/ fax

The length: min. 900 letters, max. 1A4 either in Estonian, Finnish,
Hungarian , English or Russian. The deadline is 01.05.2000. Summaries will
be published. Summary and report have to be in different languages. The
users of Latin alphabet should use Times New Roman12 and MS Word or Word
Perfect text programs. Do not add tables, diagrams etc. Summary has to be
sent on paper, on disc or by e-mail.

Post address: IFUSCO
Tallinn Pedagogical University
Narva mnt 25
10120 Tallinn

e-mail: ifusco at tpu.ee
fax: (2) 6409 136

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