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Doug Marmion dem at COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU
Sun Nov 19 07:14:51 UTC 2000

Hi Marion,

A late response to your posting re the dictionary of Cornish as I am
currently in Papua New Guinea and only have access to email when in the
local town (Vanimo, in Sandaun Province).

I am very interested in buying a copy of the new Cornish dictionary, can I
do it using a credit card? Could you please advise me what the cost would
be, including mail (by cheapest method, surface I suppose?) to Australia?
If it can't be done via credit card, what method can I use to buy it? I
thought I'd ask this question on the list (as well as sending it direct to
you) as I'm sure there are others who would like to purchase it by credit

I have worked on several dictionaries, none of which have yet gotten past
various levels  of draft, so I have some inkling of how much work it takes.
So, congratulations on getting this dictionary out, I hope it sells well.

Doug Marmion

>Chuig liostaà »agsôla {skip to ===== for English translation)
>As lÃne le tamall (maithigà dom n
r fh»adas a leath de na tchtaà a th
>isteach a l»amh!) ach ar ais in äirinn anois, i ndiaidh aistear go Corn na
it a rabhas chun an ¤c
id is m¤ i saol gn¤ EGT 2000 go dtà seo
>a cheiliôradh, mar at
 seoladh an fhocl¤ir Cornaise is m¤ agus is cuimsithÃ
r foilsÃodh riamh, mar at
, _Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek_ (Focl¤ir
>B»arla-Cornais) Nicholas Williams a thiomsaigh (eagarth¤ir: Michael
>Everson, eagarth¤ir comhairleach Marion Gunn).
>Comhfhoilsithe ag Everson Gunn Teoranta agus Agan Tavas. Ar dÃol anois ag
>Agan Tavas, Gordon Villa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath, Redruth TRE16 4NE,
>Kernow, UK.
>485 lch., 24,000 ceannfhocal, côlra gramadaÃ, t
blaà »agsôla (leabhair an
>BhÃobla, sc
la gaoithe an Aimir»il Beaufort, aoiseanna an domhain, srl.),
>maraon le cora cainte. Sladmhargadh ar £28 punt in airgead na Breataine,
>m¤ide postas (£3 ar a ordô as äirinn). Faoi chomaoin ag Ollscoil na
>häireann, Col
iste Ollscoile Bhaile °tha Cliath agus Institiôid Ard-L»inn
>Bh.°.C., as maoiniô a chur ar f
il, agus faoi chomaoin ar leith ag
>l»itheoirà dilse a raibh oiread   muinÃne acu as an togra seo gur
>cheannaÃodar c¤ipeanna roimh r».
>Hap da dheugh, agan redyoryon! °dh m¤r oraibhse, 
r l»itheoirÃ!
>Offline for some time (apologies on being unable to reach on reading even
>half the quantity of incoming msgs!) but back in Ireland now, after a trip
>to Cornwall, to celebrate the biggest event in the business life of EGT in
>the year 2000 so far, which being the launch of the biggest, most
>comprehensive English-Cornish dictionary ever published, viz., _Gerlyver
>Sawsnek-Kernowek_, compiler: Nicholas Williams (editor: Michael Everson,
>advisory editor: Marion Gunn).
>Co-published by Everson Gunn Teoranta and Agan Tavas. Available now, from
>Agan Tavas, Gordon Villa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath, Redruth TRE16 4NE,
>Kernow, UK.
>485 pages., 24,000 headwords, grammar notes, various tables (Books of the
>Bible, BhÃobla, Admiral Beaufort's windscale, geological ages of the world,
>etc.), as well as idioms. A bargain at £28 Sterling, plus postage (£3 if
>ordering from Ireland). With thanks to Ollscoil na häireann, Col
>Ollscoile Bhaile °tha Cliath and Institiôid Ard-L»inn Bh.°.C., for funding
>provided, and special thanks to loyal readers with faith enough in this
>project to have already purchased their copies in
>advance of publication.
>Hap da dheugh, agan redyoryon! With best wishes to you, our readers!
>Marion Gunn <mgunn at ucd.ie>
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