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Thu Oct 19 09:48:29 UTC 2000

Hello Brian,
   As a professional in the recording industry, I cannot urge you strongly
enough to make analog tape and film backups (this refers to motion picture
film, NOT videotape!) There is no storage medium that is truly  permanent.
But as was said earlier, the real danger of digital is not technological
obsolescence, but unexpected, spontaneous, and TOTAL file corruption. Film
and reel tapes do degrade over time, but barring any physical damage, at a
fairly predictable rate. Also, a LOT more is known today about archiving and
preservation than when the technology was first created. Most of the first
films and tape recordings ever made have been lost simply to improper storage
conditions. CD's and digital video are perfect for current use, distribution,
etc. But this project is far too important to risk losing it to a bad batch
of discs.

Best of Luck,

PS- Have you tried asking equipment
  and media manufacturers or rental
  facilities for donations of their
  products? You might also try placing
  an ad in the Daily Variety or Hollywood
  Reporter. AFI, USC, UCLA, and LA City
  College have huge film schools. You may
  find people there who are willing to
  contribute time or resources.

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