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by way of Brian Levy <xernaut@yahoo.com> Kittenkilldare at AOL.COM
Sat Oct 21 21:30:24 UTC 2000

Hello Brian-
    It's too bad most of your visuals are on videotape. But not all is lost,
just make as hi-grade copies as possible and plan on migrating to whatever
technology is best in 5 years.  I'm sure you have enough experience to know
that you should ALWAYS have a backup set that stays in storage, and the
master set in a different storage location, which gets used for transfers
when needed. (I'm sorry, I've seen so many disasters, I just had to say
that.) Also, I do concur on the use of gold (metal, not color) CD-R's. My
fellow professionals agree that they seem to last longer with fewer errors.
(But if it were me, I would still have an analog backup JUST IN CASE. It
might sound like crap in 30 years, but if the digi's don't survive, it's
better than nothing.) Hope this all helps!


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