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Brian Levy xernaut at YAHOO.COM
Tue Oct 24 19:01:53 UTC 2000

Thank you, Anthony, you've given me a lot to work with, I'll need to think
it through some more, esp. the part about video capture and storage to hard
disk, since our budget is so limited right now.  Maybe we can get a grant
for that soon, though.  What would be wrong with burning DVD's directly
from our old VHS, Beta, HI-8, and now, Digital-8 (non-professional quality
equipment) masters?  I mean as soon as DVD burner technology gets more
affordable, and more standardized, say in the next three years or so?
I guess video capture might be worth the investment in proper computer and
capture equipment in the meantime, is that right?  And then it would be all
the easier to transfer the computer .mpeg2 or whatever files to burned DVD's?
We don't intend any web access outside the Caddo tribe to our audio and
video, so it's not the same issue as say the Library of Congress here in
the US with their Folkways collection all or much of which is made
We just want these audio and video recordings to be accessible by members
present, and, importantly, future of the Caddo Tribe.  I'm with you, I've
accepted the reality that vault storage without maintenance would be
disastrous, a fairy tale.  I don't buy the simulated aging tests by CDR
companies.  I see the need to migrate every five to ten years.
And maybe to buy a CD tester in the meantime to monitor digital
I guess it would also be best to capture all audio from first gen. CD or
DAT directly to computer hard drive, and have that be one archival copy.
We already have two CDR copies of everything stored in separate location,
one silver dye, one gold, but I am considering doing only gold from now on,
based on what others on these lists have said about relative longevities of
the two, and particular problems with silver discs forming silver sulfates
or something due to sulphur contents in the atmosphere all over the world.
Also interesting what you say about not 'going backward' and making analog
copies of everything, despite the possible lack of CD players in say fifty
to 150 years from now.  Esp. given, as you say, how expensive professional
modern analog reel to reel recorders and the like would be.  I know others
feel differently on this issue, in the end it's also a matter of man-hours,
we just don't have the staff to do every possible backup strategy, so we
have to choose carefully amongst all the options.  Migrating seems the
safest, though it pre-supposes people after we die will still care enough
to keep the process going, on that we are banking.  And, as one linguist
friend in Calif. said, 'we're not going to let these precious language and
cultural material die on our watch [if we can help it!]'.

I really appreciate you help.

                   Brian Levy

Brian Levy
Cultural Activist
Kiwat Hasinay Foundation:
Preserving Caddo Heritage
211 W. Colorado Ave.
Anadarko, OK  73005  USA
(1) 405-247-5840
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