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M. J. Hardman hardman at UFL.EDU
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I discuss ethics as directly related to field work, in the actual process
of data collection and analysis, in my book MJ Hardman  1995  Language
Structure Discovery Methods:  A Field Manual.  w/ Shoko Saito Hamano.
Gainesville: Andean Press.  3rd edition.
	1997.  4th edition.

It is desktop publishing.  For the sake of my course it is available this
semester from Goerings' BookStore goerings at fdt.net / 352-378-0363 / 1717
NW 1st Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32603.

MJ Hardman

>Can anyone help me in locating some basic sources that discuss ethics in
>linguistic or linguistic anthropological research?  Aside from the basic
>principle of never endangering one's subjects, are there any more
>specific proposed guidelines published or discussed somewhere that
>address issues of publishing or translating sacred texts or stories, for
>  I would be interested in any sources or web sites that
>discuss ethical controversies in linguistic research.
>Thanks in advance.
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