ELL: To M. McDaniel

Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG Mike_Cahill at SIL.ORG
Thu Aug 23 02:46:35 UTC 2001


I checked your Akha web site and it had such "useful" entries as

 2.  Ahf jurhv ahf chah auhf ehf mahf nehv-urh dawv teh:
        (verb, preposition of species)
        Oeuhv jayv jyahxf urh meh.

Who is this supposed to be useful to? A native English speaker has no
information to tell what in the world is going on here. Who else would
benefit? Do the Akha have enough internet access so that this is supposed
to help them learn their own grammar? What in the world is a "preposition
of species"?  A lot of effort, but for what?

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