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E.1. Free electronic journal subscriptions offered to developing countries

Multilingual Matters, a provider of research on multilingualism and
language rights, announced that it is offering free electronic access to
journals for institutional subscribers in countries of "low human
development" as defined by the UN Human Development Index (see
http://www.undp.org). The company will also offer subscriptions at a
substantially reduced rate to institutional subscribers in countries of
"medium human development."

Libraries in over 100 countries will be able to receive journals either
completely free of charge (for electronic versions) or at substantially
reduced cost (for print versions).

Recently, under the Channel View Publications imprint, the company has
developing a number of publications on sustainability in tourism,
agriculture and transport. By increasing access to its publications,
Multilingual Matters believes it can help academics in these countries to
further realize their potential as equal members of the international
academic community.

Multilingual Matters Ltd, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall, Victoria Road,
Clevedon, Avon BS21 7HH UK, Tel: 44-1275-876519, Fax: 44-1275-871673,
E-mail: info at multilingual-matters.com, Web:
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