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Fri Feb 16 07:06:29 UTC 2001

The current situation of Crimean Tatar language both in Crimea (Ukraine) and
in countries of deportation (mainly in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia and
Kazakhstan) remains very hard. The young generation of Crimean Tatars speaks
their native language badly or prefer to speak Russian only at all. From the
other side, representants of other nationalities in Crimea (according to the
last census of 1989 65% of Crimean population are Russians and 23% are
Ukrainians) do not understand any word in Crimean Tatar. With the aim
to contribute to mutual understanding of peoples living in Crimea and
outside of it, to improve interethnic relation at the Crimean peninsula and
to encourage learning native language by young Crimean Tatars the author of
this message in co-operation with his colleague Mr S.Useinov have written
the manual of Crimean Tatar language for Russian speaking beginners (two
volumes, 40 lessons) and the Russian-Crimean Tatar Dictionary (7000 words).
Both these books are available for sale at very moderate prices and can be
mailed immediately to any destination worldwide.
Please order the books sending an email to chimproject at excite.com or or by
post by the following address : Dr Vadim A. Mireyev, P.O.Box 1232,
Simferopol, 95050, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, UKRAINE.
Additionally, the electronic version of the Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar
Dictionary will be available soon and we will appreciate your enquiries as
to this matter.


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