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For those interested:

Mushkeg Media Inc., a native-owned production company is currently
broadcasting a 13 part series
on APTN (Aboriginal People's Television Network) on the state of
Aboriginal languages in Canada.

We are also planning season two of the series and are looking for any
interesting and unique language
revitilization programs or iniatitives by individuals, communities or
organizations across the land.

The series can be seen on APTN every Thursday at 2:30 pm and 11:30 pm
EASTERN time.  Listed
below is the current schedule as seen on APTN.   For more information
about the series or any story
ideas you can email:  mushkeg at videotron.ca    or
rickbell at sympatico.ca

Also check out:  www.aptn.ca   for schedule and tv channel on cable in
different parts of the Canada.
Can also be picked up on Bell-Express Vu and StarChoice satellite dish
for those in remote areas.


Paul M. Rickard
Mushkeg Media Inc.
103 Villeneauve West
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 1 R6
mushkeg at videotron.ca


Episode 1 - Feb.1: Language Among the  Skywalkers: Mohawk:  This is the
story of the legendary Mohawk ironworkers, and of new approaches to
language instruction for both adults and children within the
contemporary community of Kahnawake.

Episode 2 - Feb. 8: Language Immersion: Cree:  This episode will trace
the history of the very successful Cree Language Immersion Program,
developed and implemented in schools in the Cree communities of Northern

Episode 3  - Feb. 15: The Trees are Talking: Algonquin:  George and
Maggie Wabanonick take a group of teens to the woods to initiate them in
their traditional culture and language. In the classroom, the kids and
teachers struggle with their Algonquin lessons, while the pop group
Anishnabe give the language new life.

Episode 4  - Feb 22: The Power of Words: Inuktitut:  At a language
conference in Puvirnituq, we witness efforts to keep Inuktitut alive and
up-to-date, largely through the knowledge and commitment of elders.

Episode 5 - March 1: Words Travel On Air: Attikamekw, Innu:  Karin
Awashish, a young radio journalist working at SOCAM, makes a trip to her
home community to tape interviews and legends told by elders in
Attikamekw,  as part of the network’s language initiative.

Episode 6 - March 8: Language in the City: Ojibwe/Anishinabe:  This
episode will focus on Isadore Toulouse’s  weekly trajectory to four
different urban-based schools,  where we witness first-hand, and with
raw immediacy, his efforts to pass on his own enthusiasm and passion for
the Ojibwe language.

Episode 7 - March 15:  Getting Into Michif: Michif:  We meet some of the
movers and shakers  working politically and through the education
system, to have Michif recognized as the official language of the Métis,
as well as those whose passion and dedication are evidenced at the
grass-roots level.

Episode 8 - March 22: Plains Talk: Saulteaux:  This episode follows the
work of a virtually self-taught, highly motivated language teacher.
Stella Ketchemonia has devoted her life to teaching the Saulteaux
language . She is now a member  of the dynamic staff of the Saskatchewan
Indian Federated College.

Episode 9 - March 29: Breaking New Ground: Mi’kmaw:  This episode looks
at two projects; a pilot to have Mi’kmaw adopted as an official second
language in high school curriculum and Mi’kmaw as the language of
instruction for a university level science program.

Episode 10 - April 5: A Silent Language: Huron/Wendat:  This episode
looks at the historical roots of a language’s demise, and at present-day
efforts to re-kindle it in spoken form.  It also explores the cultural
significance and implications of language as a ceremonial artefact.

Episode 11 - April 12: The Power of One: Innu:  In his home community of
Maliotenam, we follow performer Florent Vollant, formerly a member of
the musical duo Kashtin, on his musical campaign to inspire Innu youth
with the passion and concern he feels for his language

Episode 12 - April 19: Syllabics:  Capturing Language: Cree:  In this
episode, we look at the historical development and contemporary
applications of syllabic writing systems in some of Canada’s native

Episode 13 - April 26: A Remarkable Legacy: Saanich:  This episode tells
the story of Dave Elliott, a Saanich fisherman who almost
single-handedly resurrected the dying language of his people - Sencofen
- by creating an alphabet system, recording the elders and developing a
language curriculum for local schools.


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