ELL: Re: Re: Dying Languages List (750 languages)

Lucas Husgen lhusgen at KIROGI.DEMON.NL
Tue Jun 5 18:41:05 UTC 2001

My cyber-project is on its way. For those of you who are interested in the
first results, here is where you'd have to go. First you should download the
ActiveWorlds browser, preferably version 3.1 from
http://www.activeworlds.com , and after installing go to the 'world'
Todahshy. Under the heading 'Teleport' in the browser there's a function
'To', here you should fill in 127N 200W. You'll end up right in front of a
shiny new building, called 'Hall of Vanishing Languages'. I'm building a
simple exhibition of signs, which give facts about a very restricted number
of languages under immediate threat, for which I'm especially indebted to
Carl Rubino and Robert Beard. On the second floor I'll include links to
relevant web pages. Please, don't expect the world rushing to this place:
it's the long-term effect that counts. As yet the building has not been
signposted, and cyberworlds do not as yet attract so many visitors (though
Todahshy is on the way up). Well, I do hope that all of this is to your



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