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M Ataur Rahman marahman at FES.UWATERLOO.CA
Fri Jun 15 04:34:59 UTC 2001


The "Mekong Knowledge Base Cluster", a dynamic Web-Portal, is now
incorporated into the website of the "Mekong AquaBase" at
<http://www.fes.uwaterloo.ca/u/marahman/Mekong_AquaBase.htm>, as a
cumulative process to organize and present the comprehensive and
relational knowledge bases on the Mekong Region.  It comprises and
integrates both scientific and indigenous/local knowledge systems on
relevant fields.  At present, Mekong Knowledge Base Cluster comprises the
following knowledge bases (the titles, subjects and contents of these
knowledge bases, however, will be upgraded and updated time to time on a
regular basis):

     - Mekong Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Upland Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Watershed Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Natural Resources Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Environmental Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Fisheries Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Agricultural Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Energy Knowledge Base
     - Mekong Navigational Knowledge Base

Now, a limited time opportunity is going on for the interested persons and
subject matter specialists who want to record and/or publish their
article(s) [including news, paper, poster, technical report, etc.] on
relevant field(s) to the above knowledge bases.  The article(s) should be
in Microsoft Word or HTML format (maximum size 100 KB) and should be sent
as an attachment file with an email message to
<Mekong_KnowledgeBase at yahoo.com> or to <Mekong_AquaBase at yahoo.com>.  The
name, address and present position/profession/expertization of the
author(s) should also be included both in the email message and in the

You are most welcome to visit and participate in the Mekong Knowledge Base

With best wishes,

Ataur Rahman
Administrator, Mekong Knowledge Base Cluster/Mekong AquaBase
PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Waterloo, Waterloo,
ON N2L 3G1, Canada
Email:  marahman at fes.uwaterloo.ca


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